Woman from Bergen says living simple got her to 100 years old

Credits: Joe Carbone

Josephine Carbone was born in Bergen County on Sept. 1, 1921. Carbone lives a relatively simple life these days. Much of her daily routine consists of watching TV and spending time with her cat.

Carbone did not make a big fuss over her 100th birthday celebration Wednesday. The day consisted of lunch with her son, followed by a FaceTime call with extended family members. 

Despite her advanced age, Josephine Carbone does not have any major health concerns.

According to northjersey.com, for anyone seeking tips on how to live to 100, Joe Carbone pointed out that his mother does not smoke or drink alcohol. She also tries to eat as healthy as possible, although the true secret to her long life may be hereditary.

“She’s Italian, so we all don’t eat the right things,” Joe Carbone joked. “I guess it’s based on genetics and good, clean living.” 

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