Celebrate Chinese New Year with Cantonese Foods from These New Jersey Markets

“Gong hei fat choy!”

That’s Cantonese for Happy New Year (or Lunar New Year) — a celebration that kicks off in China, and other Asian countries, on Sunday, Jan. 22 (New Year’s Eve). As reported by NorthJersey.com celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, the holiday officially ends the first week of February — but usually only the first few days are celebrated.

In Eastern cultures, the rabbit represents hyper-vigilance, strength, politeness and good social nature. It is also the sign most closely associated with the moon — fitting for a holiday that kicks off on a New Moon cycle. Some believe rabbits to be the luckiest of all the Chinese zodiacs. (Celtics were also known to carry rabbit feet for this reason.)

But sometimes luck needs a little help.


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