Cream Bakery Opens in River Vale, NJ

Sometimes, you just want your dessert to be reminiscent of the way things used to be. Think: classic sweets like brownies, cheesecake, and crumbcakes, without the grandeur. Just pastries that look good, and taste purely great. That’s the idea behind Cream Bakery, which is opening its first retail location in River Vale, NJ this month. 

According to Cream Bakery owner Despina Kontomanolis’s vision dates back to her 10-year-old self, when she began creating desserts that she personally really enjoyed. After her numerous side gigs baking up treats for friends and family while she worked full time in the business profession, Kontomanolis pivoted into the baked goods space, creating great-tasting desserts for wholesale clients and restaurants who didn’t want mass-produced desserts.

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