“Hope” A Virtual Exhibit is Live Now for Viewing

Virtually view “Hope” by Viridian Artists Inc. to celebrate a better year to come! Viridian Artists Inc. is presents an invitational exhibition of art created by 31 artists.  The show is open from January 7 and continues through January 30. There is no opening reception due to the pandemic, but viewers are invited to view the art in our virtual gallery accessible on Viridian’s website at http://www.viridianartists.com. The gallery will be open only by appointment which can be made by emailing viridianartistsinc@gmail.com or on the website contact form.

2020 was a year many endured alone, isolated, fearful and filled with disbelief. To add to it, New York City’s culture in every form was hit hard by the pandemic. Concerts were heard on zoom, theaters, museums and galleries were closed or severely limited in numbers of visitors allowed at a time. Many art forms will not survive because of this – eliminating a valued source of comfort.

 Viridian has continued by creating virtual exhibits that can be viewed on the gallery website and “Hope” challenges the struggle of artists to create art both in response to and in spite of the frightening world around us. Images and words can be a comfort and serve to interpret thoughts we are often unable to realize.  

 The range of media & imagery in these artworks defines the broad expanse of these artists’ hopes for our future. Most are looking ahead positively but some struggled with the concept, preferring to remain neutral and “hopeful” in a generalized way.

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